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CloudIT – keeping YOUR information secure and available….

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IT@93 provide peace of mind for your business: preventing data loss but also making information readily available for you when you most need IT. Cloud is a proven solution which gives you and your business control and protection of your data.

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As a design agency, we create, send and store a massive amount of artwork and photographic files. On behalf of our clients we need access to historic files to update websites, adverts and brochures on an on-going daily basis. We trust IT@93 to ensure our Data is backed up every night. We recently suffered a break in and lost all our IT equipment – however the data backup service from IT@93 ensured we didn’t lose any of our files. This ensured we could continue working on our client projects without having to re-do any of the work. The ability to quickly restore the data was invaluable to the company to get back up and running and I would highly recommend all companies to put this service in place. IT@93 understand our needs as a business and not only put systems in place to minimise downtime, but also are there to swiftly respond if anything potentially disastrous does happen.

Jon Greenwood

Fluid Creative

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