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VOIP Telephony Lancashire – Hosted Telephony IPBx 

£8.50 Per month / per line


Unlimited lines per user


Voicemail as standard

PRO-iPBX is a dynamic, leading edge IP business telephone system which offers businesses of all sizes a VOIP telephone services that are usually reserved for larger companies with almost endless functionality, but at a tiny portion of the cost.

These incredible savings VOIP offers over traditional telephone systems is simply staggering (often in excess of an 80% saving), moreover the functionality, reliability and easy delivery of VOIP now makes it an obvious and sensible business decision.

We live in a world of scalable solutions such as Cloud Computing, tailored and scalable solutions to each businesses requirements and size. VOIP offers a highly flexible communications system with a wealth of practical features and is entirely dynamic, without losing any functionality at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional systems. And with the VOIP iPBX system sitting on the cloud, your IT93 Telecoms VOIP solution is always the right size for your business! If you need to add a new user, team or office we simply and instantly scale up or indeed scale down your VOIP system to suit your specific requirements at any given time.

PRO-iPBX will more than meet your business needs. The system will transform your company’s communications into a low cost solution with advanced functionality and an easy user interface with excellent return on investment.
Service Type 10 User / 4 channels Analogue PBX VS 10 User / Unlimited Lines PRO-iPBX
Equipment Cost £1,899.00 VS £750.00 (75.00 per)
Maintenance £99.00 (per month) VS £0.00
Line Installation £580.00 VS £0.00
Line Rental£ £160.00 (per month) VS £0.00
Rental per user £0.00 VS £8.50 (per month)
System Install £850.00 VS £199.00
Total (Year 1) £6437.00 VS £1969.00

Packages starting at just 1 user and being endlessly scalable, IT93 puts you in complete control of your telephone service costs without sacrificing any functionality and adding a feature rich system. As your business grows, you remain in complete control of the costs that accompany your business expansion.
We only provide the best, which is why we have teamed up with CISCO to deliver the phones for your IP Telephone system. CISCO have been the industry leader in IP network and routing technologies since the 1980’s and provided IP network extensions to most of the world so your CISCO IP Phone will never let you down.

They operate just like an ordinary telephone, but with an arsenal of features under the LCD panel. And the best part is, they don’t just sit on your desk at work! You can take them home, on holiday or even to temporary offices just link them up to the internet and everything follows you! Your DDI, Telephone number, address book everything!

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