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Data backup is extremely vital in every company. Can any company can afford to lose vital data such as accounts, payroll and vital documents? Keeping this data just on the server without a backup is always a big risk, if the server fails in anyway (hardware failure, fire, and theft) then all the data is lost, almost always forever. And this can cause companies to grind to a halt.

So for decades companies have used various different methods for backing up this data, the most popular in the past was tape backup. All the data was backed up onto a tape cartridge, which was stored more often off site, so if there was a failure of any kind the data could be recovered to a day/week ago and very minimal problems occur. This was a good method as it all the data was backed up in depth, and if stored off site can be recovered if there is ever a fire/theft.

But more recently, especially with the increase in internet speed, more and more companies are turning to an online backup system. This is a simple system, where all your data is uploaded to a secure offsite location, usually overnight, where it is stored for whenever it may be needed. It can then be recovered over the internet on request back to the site.

These are the two most popular methods, but which is the best? Both have their pros and cons, but due to the recent changes in internet speeds one is becoming much more effective than the other.

There are a few problems with tape backup and first is the age of this technology. It’s old technology and by definition this means higher costs for the equipment, software and support due to it becoming more obsolete. Secondly, compared to online backup, it’s requires human intervention to work effectively. The tapes need changing on a daily basis and once backed up taken offsite to be kept safe. This process has proved in the past lead to problems due to not being managed rigorously. The third problem revolves around recovering the last data. The appropriate tape has to be located, usually offsite, and brought back to the office to be recovered. This can be a time consuming process and often due to incorrect labelling the wrong tape is used. Lastly, If the tape equipment is also damaged, this will need to be replaced before it can be recovered to the system. These last two issues can add up to considerable delays in recovering lost data.

Online backup solves all the problems off using tapes. The only cost is for the actual account with the backup company, as all the equipment needed is already in place. Ie the computer and the internet connection. Secondly, it is taken offsite straight away, so you don’t have to worry about moving things about to keep it secure. And when you need the data, it can be recovered straight away – no need to go get the tape and look through for the file. Simply select the required file and it will download straight to your system. The only limit on the online backup system is the internet speed you have. As speeds are constantly increasing this problem is now becoming obsolete.

If your still using Tape Backup and want to move over to Internet Backup please get in touch as we can make this process seamless.