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The following is a starter list of best practices for Cyber Security Essentials (not an exhaustive list)

  • Use a firewall
    • Configured correctly to prevent intrusions to the business
  • Use good password policies
    • 63% of confirmed data breaches involved leveraging weak, default, or stolen passwords.” Verizon
  • Use antimalware software that is automatically updated
    • Using home or free AV – Anti malware products will not do this
  • Have policies addressing allowable software and internet usage
    • Ensure users have read and signed off on this policy
  • Have policies addressing the business use of personal devices
    • Ensure users have read and signed off on this policy
  • Keep servers and workstations continuously patched
    • Majority of Cyber attacks exploit non up to date software
  • Perform regular system backups
    • And test the restore of the data
  • Monitor system logs and security alerts
    • Be aware of potential problems before they happen
  • Train Staff on the issues they will face
    • Don’t assume your staff know what Ransomware is or how to deal with it
  • Remote Access VPN for mobile users
    • Users then protected behind company security setup
  • Laptop / Desktop Encryption
    • New PC’s come with this option as standard
  • Have both Guest and Internal Wifi available
    • Visitors should not need access to the internal network
  • Remove Admin rights
    • This stops users installing malicious software
  • Only allow installation of approved licensed software
    • Unlicensed Software is a major loophole for Cyber Attacks

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