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While using Windows 7, sometimes it’s annoying when you’re typing away, and then you have to move to the mouse to click something and this can completely interrupt your flow. Or maybe you just like to use keyboard shortcuts? Either way, this guide provides 10 of the most useful keyboard shortcuts available to Windows7 users to help make things easier and quicker. Each of these comes with an explanation of what they do, but sometimes it’s best to just give them a try and find out for yourself!

  1. Windows Button & D – Minimize to Desktop – Minimizes all windows/programs open to the taskbar
  2. Windows Button & E – Launch My Computer in Explorer – Opens windows explorer, and sets the focus automatically to My Computer.
  3. Windows Button & L – Lock the Desktop – Simply locks the desktop to a log in screen.
  4. Windows Button & R – Open Run Window – Opens up the run window where you can enter a command.
  5. Windows Button & Tab – Try this before reading on and will then hopefully self-explanatory – Hold the key and press tab to scroll to the window you want.
  6. Windows Button & +/- – Zoom In/Out – Zooms in and out of the screen on programs which support the function. E.g. Office and Internet Explorer
  7. Windows Button & Left/Right Arrow Keys – Snap to Feature – A new feature will move the current window to the respective half of the screen.
  8. Windows Button & Up/Down Arrow Keys – Maximize/Minimize Window – This will maximize/minimize the current window when you press the appropriate key.
  9. Alt & Tab – Film Strip – Similar to the 3D strip (No. 5), except uses a horizontal strip.
  10. Alt & F4 – Close the current window – An old favourite for most, this simply closes down the current window you have open.