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Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used business email program in the world. Today’s working day is ruled by email and Outlook users find it very useful for handling all the emails, diary entries, contact details and task Lists. The following is a few tips which might help you just get that bit more out of the program.


  1. Attachment Reminder – how many people have sent emails before attaching that all important document the email is all about? This problem can be easily avoided by installing a simple free plug-in, visit the following link to download and install:


**Note – in Outlook 2016 this feature is already included


  1. Automatically Delay Sending emails – have you ever written an email, pressed ‘SEND’ and then immediately regret it? Well by adding a simple rule you can ensure emails are delayed before sending them. Here’s how:
  • From the ‘Rules’ option choose ‘Manage Rules and Alerts’
  • Click ‘New Rule’
  • Under ‘Start from a blank rule’ choose Apply Rule on Messages I send & Click ‘Next’
  • In the Rules Wizard Window in Step 1: Select your condition choose ‘ sent to people or public group’
  • In Step 2 – Edit Rule Description click people of public group and choose the person or group – Click Next
  • Choose ‘defer delivery by a number of minutes
  • Click ‘a number of minutes’ and choose the time frame – Click Next
  • Add any exceptions – if any & Click Next
  • Name the Rule and choose FINISH
  1. Schedule time for sending a specific email – have you ever been creating an email and want to delay sending it for a day or a few hours? Here’s how:
  • Create your email in full but don’t click Send
  • Click Options Tab & then Delay Delivery
  • Choose the Date and Time for delivery
  1. Create and Use a Distribution Group – Do you have the need to setup a list of recipients you regularly email and avoid having to insert each email every time you create an email? Well a Distribution List allows you to do just that:
  • Choose Contacts & Click New Contact Group
  • Name the Group
  • Click Add Members and Select the members of the Group
  • Save the Group
  • When sending and email in the To: field enter the Group Name
  • You can Click the + to confirm who is in the Group
  1. Amend the display of unread messages – Outlook displays all Unread Emails in Bold Font making them easier to distinguish. However you can change how they appear making them even easier to spot!
  • Choose View Tab and Click View Settings
  • Click Conditional Formatting
  • Highlight Unread Messages
  • Use the ‘Font’ button to tailor the display to your liking
  1. Increase the font size of an email – Ever strained to see the contents of an email. A quick way to increase the font is to:
  • Open an Email
  • Hold Down the ‘CTRL’ Key and scroll your mouse wheel
  1. Entering Dates for Appointments in Normal Language – When setting up appointments you may not know the specific date but do know it is ‘two weeks on Thursday’ for example. Well you can simply enter this text when setting up appointments:
  • Open a new Appointment in your Calendar
  • In the Date Field enter the ‘Normal’ text eg ‘2 weeks on Thursday’
  1. Recover Deleted Deleted Emails – Have you ever deleted an Email and then emptied your Deleted Items folder and realised sometime later you need it back? Well depending on your Email setup you can recover deleted emails. Here’s how:
  • Highlight your Deleted Items Folder
  • Choose the Folder Tab
  • Click Recover Deleted Items
  • Choose the Email required and ‘Restore’